Maccast Member Service Agreement

By becoming a Maccast Member (Member) and signing up for a Maccast Membership (Membership Service), you agree to be bound by this Agreement. This Agreement is subject to change by the Maccast at any time.

Payments and Card Authorization

14-Day Money Back Guarantee
Guarantee applies to first time purchasers only. The 14-day period begins upon completion of the sign-up process. Amount refunded will be the full amount of the membership selected by the customer. Refund is granted at the Maccast's sole discretion. Refund decisions made by the Maccast are final.

6-Month & Yearly Memberships
Membership fees are non-refundable.

Unless specifically renewed by the Member, 6-month and yearly memberships will be automatically terminated at the end of their initial membership term. 6-month and Yearly memberships may be renewed online (via the Maccast Membership account) at anytime prior to the renewal date (end of the initial term) or after the expiration of the initial term. Membership renewals purchased prior to the renewal date (end of the initial term) will have their renewal date extend by a value equal to the term of the renewal membership purchased. For example, if the membership renewal date is 12/31/2010 and the Member purchases a yearly renewal membership prior to 12/31/2010 the membership renewal date will be extended to 12/31/2011. Membership renewals purchased after the renewal date will begin upon completion of the membership purchase and be valid for the length of the membership term purchased. The Member is responsible for paying any and all membership fees associated with their plan.

Monthly (Month-to-Month) Memberships

For month-to-month memberships (auto-renewing plans) the Member is responsible for paying periodic membership fees. Membership fees are non-refundable. Unless specifically stated, month-to-month memberships will automatically renew at the current monthly rate, each month continually and thereafter, unless the Member terminates the membership online (cancels the account with the Maccast) at least 24 hours prior to the renewal date.

Member Information

Member must promptly inform the Maccast of any of the following: changes in the expiration date of any credit card used in connection with the service; changes in home or billing address; and apparent breaches of security such as loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure or use of a username (ID) or password. Until the Maccast is notified by e-mail of a breach in security, the Member will remain liable for any unauthorized use of the Membership Service.

The Maccast reserves the right to remove all Member information and close all accounts of a Member, if the Member fails to update their account information and email address.


Members are responsible for providing all personal computer and communications equipment necessary to gain access to the Membership Service. Access to and use of the Membership Service is via a combination of a username (ID) and a password. Each Member must keep their password strictly confidential. The Maccast will not release passwords for any reason except as may be specifically required by law or court order. Unauthorized access to the Membership Service is a breach of this Agreement.


Beyond the 14-day Money Back Guarantee (listed above), no warranty is made by the Maccast regarding any information, services, or products provided through or in connection with the Membership Service, and the Maccast hereby expressly disclaims any and all warranties, including without limitation: any warranties as to the availability or accuracy of information, products, or services; any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Some states/provinces do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties, so the above exclusion may not apply to you.

Use Restrictions & Copyright

The material on the Membership Service and provided via the RSS feed(s) is for the private, non-commercial use of the Member only. Any other use is strictly prohibited. All rights are reserved by the Maccast. Except for private, non-commercial use; Membership content may not be reproduced, downloaded, disseminated, published, or transferred in any form or by any means, except with the prior written permission of the Maccast. The Member agrees that they will not copy, publish, or in any way make available publicly any audio, video, images, text, or any other information provided by the Maccast Membership, without express written permission from the Maccast.

Member agrees that should they violate the use or copyright restrictions described, the Maccast reserves the right to cancel their membership immediately and without refund. Additionally, reuse of copyrighted information (audio, video, images, text, or any other information) may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

To prevent access by multiple users sharing one account, the Maccast reserves the right to limit access for each Member to a fixed number of physical locations or machines. Member agrees to notify the Maccast in advance if their situation calls for use of multiple machines. The Maccast may request additional compensation or may choose to block access to the Membership Service if Member access exceeds these limits. The current limit is five (5) machines or locations, but is subject to change at any time and at the sole discretion of the Maccast.

Communication and Messaging

Communication by the Maccast to Members is done by means of electronic messages or through a general posting on the Membership Service web site. Member agrees to keep contact information updated for communication purposes with the Maccast. Notices to Members may be given by electronic messages, specifically through email delivered from the Membership Service.

Your Email Address

The Maccast will never sell or distribute your email address to third parties. Members may unsubscribe from the email list (opt-out) at anytime by using the Profile area of their Membership account. Members agree to provide the Maccast with an up-to-date email address.


Requests for support and general Member questions should be sent by means of electronic message to Please include your name and Membership username (ID) in all correspondence.


This Agreement contains the entire agreement between the Member and the Maccast regarding the use of the Maccast Member Service.

The Agreement shall be governed pursuant to the laws of the State of California.

The Member hereby warrants and represents that he or she is in all respects qualified and competent to enter into this agreement.