Do I need to become a member to listen to the Maccast?

No, but Maccast Members will get extra episodes not available to non-Maccast members. You can still continue to subscribe and listen to the advertising supported Maccast in iTunes (AAC) or via the RSS feed (MP3).

How do I become a Maccast Member?

It's easy. Just sign-up on this site. Select a 1 year, 6 month, or Month-to-Month membership. Once the sign-up and payment process is complete you will be able to log in and access your Maccast Member account and the Member feeds.

I'm having trouble signing up?

If you are unable to sign-up or complete the payment process, please email support at support@maccast.com

I started to sign-up but had issues and now it says my username is already in use?

That can happen if you get through the sign-up process, but then have trouble completing your order. Log in using your username and password. Then you can go to the 'Add/Renew' section and add the membership from there.

I'm signed up, but can't log in?

Please double check your username and password. Also check to make sure your caps lock is off. If you think you may have forgot your password, use the 'forgot password' link to have your password reset. If you still are having trouble logging in, please email support at support@maccast.com

I'm logged in. How do I get the shows?

Once you are logged in you should see the 'Podcast Feeds' link on the 'Main' page. It is also available in the 'Your Subscriptions' section of the sidebar. Just click the link and follow the instructions to set up your feed.

I'm logged in, but don't see my subscription.

If were able to log in, but don't see the "Your Subscription" section in the sidebar then there may have been an issue with your payment. Please check the 'Payment History' section to make sure your payment was received. If there was no payment just click 'Add/Renew' to purchase a membership. If there was a payment, please email support at support@maccast.com

I'm adding the feed to my iTunes or RSS reader and it's asking for a log in.

That is correct. Please enter your Maccast Member log in to add the feed to iTunes or your RSS client. Once it's entered you shouldn't have to enter it again.

I'm adding the feed to my RSS reader and getting an error or nothing is happening.

The Maccast Member feed requires an RSS client that supports protected feeds. Please confirm that your RSS reader supports this feature. If not, you can use iTunes which is a free download.

How do I take advantage of the 14-day money-back guarantee?

If you are a new member and your membership has been active for less than 14-days you can get a refund by sending an email request to support@maccast.com. Please include your Maccast Member login name so we can locate your account. Please allow up to 5 business days for us to process your cancellation. No refunds will be offered for renewed memberships or memberships older than 14-days.

I'm on a month-to-month. How do I cancel and stop the recurring payments?

Easy. Simply log into your account and go to the 'Payment History' section and click the 'Cancel' link. You can cancel anytime before the end of your current membership period. Check the 'Payment History' section to see when your current period ends. Your account will remain active until that date. If you cancel, after that date your membership will no longer auto-renew and you will not have access to the Maccast Member feeds. Your account will remain and if you'd ever like to renew your membership you can simply log in and buy a new membership in the 'Add/Renew' section.

I'm nearing the end of my membership, now what?

You can check the date your Maccast membership will end by logging in to your account and looking at the 'Payment History'. If the current date is before your end date you can simply go to the 'Add/Renew' tab and sign up for another period. The new period will be automatically begin at the end of your existing period so you can renew at anytime. If your membership period has already ended period then your new Membership period will begin immediately after you renew.